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Why Us?

We understand what is important when you are looking for a place for your child while you are at work: a nurturing, stimulating, safe environment, with caring, qualified staff. It is all about ‘the vibe’ when you walk into the centre – a certain happy, busy-calm balance.

It is not always an easy decision to use childcare in the first place. It’s an emotional time for you and your child – we understand and we’re here to help!

With families as our primary partner, we aim to inspire a love of socializing and learning so that children go on to reach their full potential.

We’ve listened to parents and here is what we offer:

A positive environment, where the children appear happy, content, and settled
A safe and secure environment that has CCTV surveillance. A home away from home
A centre team which is qualified and experienced
Regular communication about your child’s progress, routine and activities
A high standard of hygiene and cleanliness
Stimulating space and quality materials
Warm and friendly staff that have quality relationships
with children
Innovative and creative programs to assist development
Small group sizes to ensure adequate attention
Wholesome nutrition daily to support healthy growth
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